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Monday, September 10, 2012

Memphre Conquered... but not without a fight!

We'll have more details here shortly, but as for now, here are the results of Saturday's epic 25-mile international In Search of Memphre tour between Newport, Vermont and Magog, Quebec:

1) David Dammerman, 44 of Saratoga Springs, NY, 11:27
     crew:  Deborah Roberts and Robert Singer (Queensbury, NY)

2) Bill Shipp, 42, of Mitchelleville, MD, 12:38
     crew: Alison Meehan (Elkton, MD) and Michael Goodison (Crofton, MD)

3) Lori Carena, 58 of Brooklyn, NY, 15:01
     crew: Linda Carena (White Plains, NY) and Marjie Campbell (Annapolis, MD)

4) Jennifer Dutton, 43 of Wayland, MA, 15:06
     crew: Dave Spencer (Grotton, VT) and Andy Dutton (Wayland, MA)

5) David Barra, 47 of High Falls, NY, 15:15
     crew:  Rondi Davies (New York, NY) and Chris Stevens (Annapolis, MD)

6) Aurora Gore, 29 of Libertyville, IL, 15:45
     crew: Jean-Pierre Bordeleau (Chicago, IL) and Joshua Gore (McHenry, IL)

7) Liz Fry, 53 of Westport, CT, DNF
     crew:  Debra Masso (Fairfield, CT) and Dennie Swan-Scott (Warrensburg, NY)

Two waves of swimmers started at midnight and 1:00 am respectively and swam into daylight. Conditions were relatively smooth for the first several hours, but the wind picked up later in the morning and by the time the lead swimmers had reached mile 20, the lake was behaving like a heavy sea, with 4 foot waves and rough winds. Memphre herself seemed to be trying to prevent the swimmers from landing in Magog, but they persevered.

Congratulations to all the swimmers and crews stay tuned for more details soon!

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