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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Track (some of) Us Online Tomorrow and Saturday!

Thanks to the wonder of GPS, there will be a few swimmers trackable online. Check out this link at MyAthleteLive to see where Liz Fry, Bill Shipp, and Jen Dutton are during the swim. Given what we know about the swimmers, this seems like a good distribution of tracking devices between the "forward recon" group, the middle of the pack, and the "sweep pair." See the group online at and click on one of the athletes listed under the Scouting for Memphre Event. 

Follow us and watch us make history. And while you're at it, if you're feeling philanthropic, chuck a few bucks IROC's way. 

As Adele would say, "Rumor has it" our little expedition may have raised about $20K for IROC over the past two weeks. How's that for inspirational? Nice work, Swimmer Scouts! 

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