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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Memphre Sighting at the Dudley Chateau...

This just in...
Photographic evidence of a run-in between Memphre and swimmer scouts O'Connor and Howley last Thursday night at the Dudley Chateau in Wayland, MA! We hear the lake creature likes
Shipyard Pumpkinhead ale (with the cinnamon and sugar on the rim of the glass) the best. Not sure how Memphre managed to teleport herself to Dudley Pond all the way down in Wayland, but there was a quick sighting and a photo made with the scouts and their replica of the sighting. We raised a bunch of money at that fun-draiser and had a whale-- or is that serpent??-- of a good time making merry with fellow swimmer scout Dutton and our cast of helpful athletic supporters. Ha.

Early weather reports for Friday night/Saturday morning look pretty good. It will be a chilly night on the water and there is the possibilty of a light headwind, but we are hoping that the north wind does not thwart our attempt or alter our course. A final decision about start time and location will be made tomorrow at 7pm.

She's out there waiting for us. Perhaps a case of beer on the support boats will help us in our quest to spot Memphre...

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