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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet our Inspiration

In today's installment of "Meet the Players," we're introducing you to our inspiration for this event, Memphre, the gentle, misunderstood, and quite green lake creature we're hoping to sight along the way. She looks darn good for 263 years of age, doesn't she?

Memphré, 263, Dual Citizen of Magog, Quebec and Newport, Vermont
Professional Lake Creature
Last sighted strolling down Newport, Vermont’s Main Street during the Aquafest Parade in July, Memphré is Lake Memphremagog’s answer to the Loch Ness Monster. Memphré is a shy, retiring young lake serpent, but has been sighted more than 200 times according to local legend. Crypto-zoologists have long sought hard evidence that the lovely lady of the lake is indeed real, and the swimmer scouts are hoping to provide just the material for scientific verification of a new species of lake creature. In addition, the swimmer scouts are hoping to reopen the border between Canada and America and traverse the waters of Lake Memphremagog freely, just like Memphré does.

Event rules state that if any swimmer is lucky enough to not only see Memphré, but also catch her, any drafting or free ride will not disqualify the swimmer and the finish placement will stand. Hot diggity- we bet she can swim really fast and that could take what most of the scouts are expecting to be a 13 hour swim and turn it into a 20 minute water skiing session!

Memphré's likeness is being used courtesy of Barbara Malloy.

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